01 - MArch II - Materials & Place

This project, or 'design thesis' is the culminating piece of work from my masters. The scheme is located in Leominster, Hereforshire and considers new methods of using LDPE plastic film, a material produced in abundance in the town, to generate a new vernacular.

02 - MArch I - Grangetown Wellness Centre

A project which was worked on simultaneously with the MArch part I placement year. The proposal involves a new wellness centre inside a former Baptist's chapel in Grangetown, Cardiff.

03 - MArch Dissertation - The Dartmoor Longhouse

A slight sideline from the other work presented, but an equal interest of mine. Presented here is a small selection of work which contributed to a dissertation that considered the survival and care of a typology of historic housebarn.

04 - MArch I Placement - Practice Work

Small selection of my drawings from live projects which I worked on during my part I placement. Predominantly located in Devon in and around the Dartmoor National Park, these particular drawings are mostly from planning and tender stages.

05 - BSc III - Arts Council North

The concluding project of my BSc, this scheme takes over an existing, abandoned station and provides a new home for the Arts Council in Manchester.

06 - BSc I / II

Early drawings from the beginning of my architectural education. The main projects are a woodland development in mid wales and a housing scheme in Cardiff Bay.

07 - MArch - Small Projects, Superseded Drawings

Early investigations, abolished projects etc.